Specialists Design Tips: Interior Direction For Your Bathroom


Embark on a journey of refined bathroom design with Black Swan Furniture as we guide you through the intricacies of incorporating various interior styles into your space. Discover how our bespoke vanity units serve as the ideal starting point for your bathroom renovation, offering both functionality and style.

Section 1: Minimalism

Indulge in the allure of a clean and minimalist aesthetic by choosing a simple and sleek vanity unit from Black Swan Furniture. With a range of colors and finishes, our vanity units allow you to tailor your bathroom to perfection. Combine the unit with a countertop sink in materials like stone or resin, and sleek metal taps and handles for a harmonious and calming space that epitomizes minimalism.


Section 2: Japandi Fusion

Experience the fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design principles with the popular Japandi style. Choose a bespoke vanity unit from Black Swan Furniture and pair it with a stone countertop sink and minimalist metal fixtures. Integrate natural elements like bamboo accessories and greenery to complete the Japandi look, achieving a bathroom that exudes simplicity and elegance.

Section 3: Industrial Elegance

Explore the raw and utilitarian appeal of industrial style by incorporating Black Swan Furniture's vanity units. Pair these units with a concrete countertop, an undermount sink, and industrial-style taps and handles to create the foundation for an industrial-style bathroom. Add metal accents, exposed pipes, and rough textures to achieve the perfect balance of ruggedness and refinement.

Section 4: Mid-Century Modern Revival

Step into the mid-century modern era with Black Swan Furniture's bespoke painted vanity units. Embrace bold colors like sunset or sunrise, pairing them with white or black countertop sinks and brass taps and handles. Elevate the look by selecting a geometric patterned fascia, patterned tiles, and retro accessories, creating a bathroom that pays homage to mid-century modern design.

Section 5: Bohemian Retreat

Express creativity and individuality in a bohemian-style bathroom featuring Black Swan Furniture's luxurious vanity units in vibrant hues. Pair these units with a stone or resin countertop, intricate tiles, and natural accessories to create a relaxed and bohemian vibe. Infuse the space with plants, textiles, and artwork for an eclectic and personalized touch.

Section 6: Heritage Elegance

Immerse yourself in traditional elegance and charm with a heritage-style bathroom. Choose a bespoke vanity unit from Black Swan Furniture in an finish with antique-style brass handles. Incorporate traditional patterned tiles and a freestanding roll-top bath to complete the timeless and sophisticated look of a heritage-style bathroom.

Section 7: 70s Retro Revival

Embrace the resurgence of 70s style by opting for a painted vanity unit from Black Swan Furniture in bold, fun colors. Pair it with colorful patterned tiles and a statement pendant light. Add metallic accents and shaggy rugs to complete the vibrant and nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the 70s.

Section 8: Maximalist Extravaganza

Introduce drama and opulence to your bathroom with maximalism. Consider a bespoke vanity unit from Black Swan Furniture with a colorful, patterned fascia and ornate handles. Pair it with a statement mirror, bold wallpaper, and a chandelier for a decadent maximalist space. Remember, in maximalism, more is more, so fearlessly mix and match patterns and textures for a truly unique look.


Section 9: Biophilic Harmony

Immerse yourself in the calming realm of biophilic design by incorporating a vanity unit from Black Swan Furniture in a natural/ finish. Pair it with a stone or resin sink and natural metal handles and taps. Integrate plants, greenery, earthy tones, and natural textures to create a bathroom that embraces nature and fosters a serene atmosphere.

Section 10: Sunset-Inspired Hues

Bask in the warm glow of sunset-inspired colors with a painted vanity unit from Black Swan Furniture in a warm, earthy tone. Pair it with a marble or granite vanity top and metallic handles and taps. Enhance the look with colorful towels and accessories in sunset hues, creating a bathroom that captures the warmth and vibrancy of a sunset.


Conclude your journey with Black Swan Furniture by emphasizing the importance of choosing elements that are both stylish and functional in bathroom design. Remind readers that Black Swan Furniture's bespoke vanity units can be tailored to specific needs, providing extra storage space, unique sizes, and colors. Encourage creativity and the selection of the right pieces to create a bathroom that reflects individual style and personality, culminating in a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

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