A Guide To Smaller Free Standing Bathroom Vanities

A small bathroom vanity unit offers several benefits that can greatly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a bathroom space. There are several advantages to consider, and Black Swan Furniture has a range of options to best suit your home’s aesthetic and your daily life.

Space Saving

Small vanity units are designed to optimise limited bathroom spaces. They provide a compact storage solution that allows you to maximise the available area without compromising on style or convenience. This is particularly beneficial for small bathrooms every inch counts. The Petite Hargrave Single Sink unit (Dimensions: W60cm D55cm H85cm) offers sleek design, and is no wider than 2 rulers so it can likely fit cosily in most bathroom spaces.

- Vanity Unit Petite Hargrave Single Sink // £1,095.00 GBP

Efficient Storage

Despite their smaller size, these vanity units are cleverly designed to provide ample storage options. They typically include drawers, shelves, or cabinets to keep your toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials neatly organised and easily accessible. The efficient storage helps you maintain a clutter-free environment, making the most of the available space. If you have the space to go slightly wider than our Petite Vanity Units, a Single Sink such as the English Country Vanity Unit (Dimensions: W85cm D60cm H85cm) offers addition statement storage space.

- Vanity Unit English Country Single Sink // £1,399.00 GBP

Enhanced Aesthetics

A well-chosen small bathroom vanity unit can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom decor. With a wide variety of designs, materials, and finishes available, you can find the perfect vanity unit that complements your style and ties the whole bathroom together. The Versailles Suite Petite Single Sink Vanity Unit (Dimensions: W120cm D60cm H85cm) is a perfect example of how to utilise a custom finish such as Gold Leaf to create an incredible statement piece. It can serve as a focal point or blend seamlessly with the existing design elements, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

- Vanity Unit Petite Versailles Single Sink // £1,499.00 GBP

Be sure to have a browse of the other Black Swan Furniture Vanity Units for inspiration. If you have a specific look in mind, please contact our team via the Bespoke Page or give us a call on 01279 718 907 to discuss Bespoke Furniture options.

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